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5mm Stitched round leather cord Dark Brown, 1 Foot

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1 Foot 5mm Stitched round premium dark brown leather cord. 

Size: 5mm x 1 Foot

WHY IS OUR LEATHER OF HIGH QUALITY? High quality leather cord typically uses higher quality hides that contain higher oil content. Quality of hide, tanning and oil content determine the strength and softness of leather cord. Our leather comes from top grain, hand selected hides from around the world. During the manufacturing, they add natural leather oils to even further soften the natural fibers.
This particular cord comes from India and is ALWAYS DYED OR DIPPED IN LEAD-FREE DYES. 
REGULAR AND NATURAL DYEING PROCESS: Our regular dyes use a 3 part process where the cord is coated in dye, heat sealed, re-dyed, heat sealed, then finish coated.
Our Natural dyes are an absorbed dye whereby the cord is dipped in the dye, the cord absorbs the dye, and then the cord is heat sealed. Because the dye is absorbed rather than coated, the cord is softer and more flexible than regular cord (Our regular is very soft, but this is softer). This process allows the natural color of the cord to come through. In some colors, it presents somewhat of a "tie-dye" look. All Natural dye colors present a "flat" color versus a shiny color.

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